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Glenn Dickson, 25, lost his leg and came within 60 seconds of bleeding to death, after being attacked by a shark while on a fishing trip with mates at of Hinchinbrook island in north QLD in February 2017.

The dedicated father of two beautiful children is a loving partner to pregnant fiancée Jessie-Lee, who is expecting their third child in June 2017.

The Muay Thai fighter's quick-thinking friends were credited with saving his life after dragging him from the water and applying a tourniquet, contacting emergency services and getting him to shore.

Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Neil Noble told media "Had that bleeding not been controlled with direct pressure and tourniquet applied, and blood being given to him by the helicopter rescue crew, I'd give him another 60 seconds and it's quite possible this gentleman would've died from his injuries."

After multiple surgeries Glenn now has a long battle ahead with his recovery from the attack.

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To be able to take this financial burden off of this wonderful family as they prepare to welcome their third child would help in some ways ease the pain of watching the man they love tackle the biggest emotional and physical hurdle of his life.

Glenn was the family breadwinner, and whilst Glenn recovers (which will not be an easy road ahead), the bills still come flowing in  (rent/car payments/insurances/food & fuel etc) as well as the additional cost associated with his rehabilitation.

Please rally together to show support for a man that dedicates his life to helping others.

All funds donated will be released to Jessie-Lee and Glenn to aid his recovery.


While close to bleeding to death Glenn Dickson yelled “I WILL SURVIVE” as he was lifted from the rescue helicopter to Cairns base hospital, where he ultimately had his leg amputated.

The father, and former Muay Thai fighter, personal trainer, and boilermaker, will now turn his hand to motivational speaking as he recovers, sharing his story of survival against the odds, leaving audiences with the message they too can survive.

Funds from speaking engagements will aid Glenn’s recovery.


This honest, thought provoking vulnerable talk takes the audience on the journey from a day that started fishing with mates and ended in hospital. With Glenn’s unique sense of humour and charisma hear how mateship, bravery and first aid skills saved a life, with the quick thinking of friends applying a tourniquet and contacting Emergency services. Learn how a personal trainer and Muay Thai Fighter fights back to  regain his independence, support his family and ultimately survive.


This page is being maintained by volunteers while Glenn and his family concentrate on his recovery. All messages will be passed on to Glenn and Jessie-Lee, however the best way to reach them is to post on Facebook. Though they might not get the chance to respond to everyone, they thank everyone for their continued support.

Media Contacts

Marayke Jonkers (Media Liaison Officer - Volunteer)

Phone: 0412 751 407

Louise Nail (Administrative Officer - Volunteer)

Phone: 0424 985 871

For speaking bookings contact celebrity speakers

Phone: +61 2 1300 557 580


Glenn and Jessie-Lee are so appreciative of the community support received they have created social media accounts where you can cheer Glenn on as he learns to walk again and they look forward to the arrival of their child. We welcome you to follow on Facebook or Twitter.

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